159 EUR


We tried to make the best and most comfortable chair for the everyday person. Having the people around the world who sit each and everyday in front of a screen in mind, we created Strike.

Features such as extra foam on the armrest and back, makes the Strike extra comfortable. The butterfly lock mechanism allows the chair to go all the way down to 110 degrees, ensuring the best position to work in. 

EXTRA Comfort

Strike is the unmatched throne for everyone who values comfort. Designed with extra foam, armrests with soft pad and a wider seat, this chair will not only give you an ergonomic position for gaming, but it will also embrace you like no other chair will.

To top things off, the chair is fitted with a metal base, Class-4 gaslift to support up to 120kg and a butterfly locking-tilt mechanism for maximum comfort and durability.

Congratulations on finding the most comfortable gaming chair there is!

Built to last

The Strike chair is the newest edition to our lineup of top-quality chairs for all types of gamers.

The Strike is a very comfortable chair built with a 350mm metal base, PU leather with foam and equipped with a class 4 gas piston. This chair won’t break easily.

This chairs dimensions: 59x74x50cm (max)


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