FOURZE Gaming chairs are designed for those that demand comfortable quality and stylish designs. Our gaming chairs care about comfort overall. Available with FOURZE RGB technology or without, our sleek and formfitting designs ensure a perfect match for any setup. FOURZE Gaming Chairs, gamer designed, gamer tested.


RGB Gaming Chair


Gaming Chair

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Gaming Chair with Ergonomic Focus

FOURZE Gaming Chairs are designed with comfort above all. Relaxing has always depended on the quality of your throne. Long nights and hard days spent grinding at the desk now pass with ease, giving you peace of mind and body with the gaming chair that keeps your back and your bank intact.

Whether you are tall or short, broad or narrow, our FOURZE Gaming Chair’s will suit your needs. A wealth of customization options ensures optimal seating with a thick layer of foam covers your six. High quality, sustainably sourced PU leather wrapped backrest helps your conscience rest easy as your rear. The backrest is equipped with tilt-functionality and a lumbar cushion for improved posture and comfort. Fully adjustable arm rests depending on the model and a Class 4 Gas cartridge for guaranteed fit at your desk.

Stylishly Exclusive Gaming Chair Design

FOURZE Gaming Chairs are designed with minimalism in mind, producing a classic look and an exclusively stylish design. Elegant diamond stitching, durable carbon infused PVC, and sustainably sourced carbon leather. Available depending on your selected model.

FOURZE RGB technology taken to a new level for the classic RGB gamers seeking the next piece to complete your setup. RGB lighting inserted along the edge of the backrest and seat, offering full control with our included remote. Light up your room or office with 6 pure colors and as many as 33 different pulse combinations. Stow away your power bank in the decorated back pocket for convenient use and improved organization.

For our more subtle gamers we have created models with designs that span from traditional to executive, our designs are sure to fit your gaming setup or office environment.

Quality Materials for Quality Gaming Chairs

At FOURZE, we believe in the value of durable goods and strive to lengthen the lifetime of all our products. Due to our commitment to better goods at better prices, our chairs are built of solid materials to take wear and tear without a care. Strong metal framing, comfortable foam, and sustainably sourced PU leather pave the way to more relaxed victories for years to come.