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Free shipping
3 year warranty
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Delivery before Christmas: Order before 21/12/21
Delivery before Christmas: Order before 21/12/21
Delivery before Christmas: Order before 21/12/21
Delivery before Christmas: Order before 21/12/21



FOURZE Gaming Headsets bring sound quality and style together. Quality communication is the hallmark of a well structured team, but audio quality is only worth it’s cost for as long as you can use it. With special attention paid to the ear padding, we bring you the devices that will let you talk for hours a day and years on end. Compatible with PC, Mac, PlayStation, and Xbox, leaving your only concern as the game you’re grinding.


Virtual 5.1 Surround Sound – Gaming Headset


Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound –  RGB Gaming Headset


Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound –  Wireless Gaming Headset


Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound – Gaming Headset

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Value focused Headsets

FOURZE gaming headsets are gamer designed and tested. Our commitment to producing high quality goods at reasonable prices reminds us to put an emphasis on comfort, sound quality, and durable materials for a device with a longer life span, saving you money now and in the future, especially with our 3 Year Warranty guarantee.

Gaming Headsets with a focus on comfort

FOURZE Headsets provide quality sound that lasts. Our Gaming Headsets are lightweight for reduced neck and head strain, comfortable padding that prevent uncomfortable tightness on the ears, and a strong steel and aluminum headband coated in a flexible rubber and strong leather. FOURZE Headsets provide quality sound that lasts.

Timeless Scandinavian design produces the headset’s that will fit any gaming setup. Classic models available as well as our stunning RGB model that takes the same quality focused design, improved with bold RGB added to the ear cups for a more complete RGB setup.

Gaming Headsets with many features

Communication is key for complex and strategic gameplay. FOURZE Gaming Headsets are designed and tested by our team of lifelong gamers who understand this. Our headsets include a detachable high-quality and flexible microphone to better adapt to your needs, whether it be music, streaming and movies or intense gameplay. Improve your sound immediately with either the 3.5 mm jack plug-in or the included USB adapter. Our USB adapter comes with a remote control for easy audio-adjustment or turn it off with a single click.

Better sounds for better Gaming

FOURZE gaming headsets utilize virtual 7.1 or 5.1 surround sound to provide sharp and accurate sounds crucial for decisive gaming. Built with noise reducing technology to reduce unnecessary and extraneous sounds from your environment for better in game focus.

Gaming Headsets for all

Compatible with PC, Mac, PS4/PS5, Xbox One, Smartphones, and Tablets, FOURZE Gaming Headsets fit virtually all known gaming devices using our included adapter. Up to 2.7-meter cable length so you can game your way.

FOURZE Gaming Headset Accessories

Reduce your worries and clutter while stunningly displaying your headset with our headset stand that includes built-in RGB technology and wireless Qi charging in the base.