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Delivery before Christmas: Order before 21/12/21
Delivery before Christmas: Order before 21/12/21
Delivery before Christmas: Order before 21/12/21




FOURZE gaming mice are developed by gamers for gamers. With the latest sensor technologies, low weight, RGB, minimalist design and lots of customization options, the FOURZE gaming mouse will show you it’s real value with a better gaming experience – whether you are into FPS, MOBA, MMO or an RTS.


Wireless Gaming Mouse

FOURZE GM900 Wireless Gaming Mouse available colors.


Wired Gaming Mouse

FOURZE GM800 Colors available


Wired Gaming Mouse

FOURZE GM700 Available Colors


Wired Gaming Mouse


Wired Gaming Mouse


Wired Gaming Mouse


Wired Gaming Mouse Accessory

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Gaming mice in all price ranges

At FOURZE, we have RGB gaming mice in all price ranges. Whether you are on a budget or want the best of the best, we have gaming mice to suit your needs. The main focus for us is quality, comfort and performance – regardless of budget. All our mice are produced from the best materials and with the latest technologies, so you get the best gaming experience.

Gaming mouse with minimalist design

FOURZE gaming mice are designed based on scandinavian minimalist design principles. Together with RGB, it gives a sharp and stylish look to all our models. Several of our models are available in many different colors, so you can find the model that best suits your gaming setup. In our selection we have both wired mice and wireless mice, which can last for many hours of gaming without charging.

Ergonomics and user experience

At FOURZE, we have a strong focus on the user and the ergonomic experience – whether you are left- or right-handed. Several of our mice are designed so that they can be used by both left-handed and right-handed gamers – without compromising on comfort. The surface is made of materials that ensure the best grip so you can game without any problems. Our mice are produced from quality materials that ensure low weight – all the way down to 72 grams on some of the models. It provides an easy and smooth experience when you move the mouse over your mouse pad

Gaming mouse with many customization options

With FOURZE gaming mice you get lots of customization options on your mouse through software. On several of our models you can customize the buttons on the mouse and switch between different types via our innovative button design using magnets. On our models with the honeycomb mesh design, you can easily and simply turn the design into a mouse with a solid surface instead.

On several of our models, you can control the RGB setup directly on the mouse via buttons and predefined themes. If you want to adapt the RGB colors to certain themes and or change the functions of the buttons, etc., this can be done easily through our software. Our software allows for a wealth of customization options, so you get the setup that suits your desires.

Accurate gaming mouse with latest technologies

FOURZE gaming mice are developed with the latest sensor technologies on the market. Ensuring a lightning fast and accurate response, which is crucial whether you play FPS, MOBA, RTS or an MMORPG. Our mice are equipped with switches of the highest quality, which can withstand millions of clicks.