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FOURZE mousepad is the perfect gaming mousepad for gamers who want quality and a solid foundation for optimal precision across all game types. With FOURZE mousepads, you get better value for money. Here you do not pay for the brand, just your product(s).


Gaming Mousepad


Gaming Mousepad


Gaming Mousepad

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Gaming mousepads that set new standards

FOURZE gaming mousepads are made with a one smooth side for precision and a stable surface that ensures you the proper foundation for accurate and dexterous actions in any game you play.

The smooth surface is made of a fine, tightly woven, high-quality fabric that ensures that your gaming mouse picks up even the slightest movements – whether you’re running high or low “sensitivity).

Ergonomic e-gaming mouse pads with solid bases  

The bottom is made of a soft rubber base that both ensures that the mouse pad does not shift in the heat of battle, but also increases long term gaming comfort. FOURZE  gaming mouse pads are 3 mm in height, the majority of which consists of the soft rubber underlay. This means that the mouse pad gets grants you, more stability due to the heavier weight while also giving you the capability to rest your wrist comfortably.

Due to the high quality of the fabric and rubber base, FOURZE gaming mouse pads are machine washable.

Gaming mouse pad in minimalist design

FOURZE gaming mouse pads are made using minimalist design with black and cyan materials. The rubber base is made of a cyan rubber material fabric surface is made in black with the FOURZE logo printed. This colour combination gives the Characteristic FOURZE look, which is runs as a common theme across many of our products.

Gaming mouse pads in different sizes

FOURZE gaming mouse pads are available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the size that best suits your gamer style. If you’re on the go, or if you have limited space on your desk, you should look at our smallest model. If you have a gaming mouse that has low sensing abilities and requires large movements, you should look at our larger models, which are available right up to size XXL.

For gamers of all levels

Whether you’re a hygge-gamer or a competitive gamer, FOURZE gaming mouse pads are an obvious choice for those who want the best of the best at the best price.