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With a FOURZE Bronze-certified power supply units, you are ensured both high quality and reliable performance, as well as a stylish design with true value. Our PSUs are 80+ certified, ensuring quality and performance that lasts for years.


FOURZE Bronze-certified Power Supply – 750W


FOURZE Bronze-certified Power Supply – 750W


FOURZE Bronze-certified Power Supply – 650W


FOURZE Bronze-certified Power Supply – 550W

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PSU Stylishly Designed

FOURZE PSU are produced in matte black painted steel combined with cyan colors, offering a minimalist appeal sure to fit into most gamer computers – whether you’re using a cabinet with hardened glass sides or a traditional closed chassis.

FOURZE Power Supplied to where it Matters

All FOURZE power supplies are 80+ certified, bringing you quality performance that lasts for years. Our power supplies have different options for your wattage needs, so you can choose the model that best suits your setup. When choosing which model fits your gaming computer, be aware of the requirements of the other hardware components so that you do not choose a PSU that is too small, bottlenecking the rest of your hardware. Our smallest model is 550 Watts, and our largest model is 750 Watts. The smallest model uses a 120mm fan, while the larger models have a 140mm fan integrated. All FOURZE power supplies are type ATX and are compatible with all market-renowned connector types.