FOURZE gaming desk is the perfect choice for those who want a gaming desk equipped with a full surface mouse pad and loaded with a host of life improving features. FOURZE gaming desks are designed with minimalism in mind to fit every gamers set up.


Gaming Desk


Adjustable Gaming Desk

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Stylish Gaming Desks

FOURZE gaming desks are designed to be stylish without being overbearring, where every details been thought of and each user experience considered. FOURZE gaming desks take into account the size required for your screens, computer, keyboard, and mouse on our compact desk design. Available with or without electric height adjustment function. The standard height of the desk is 77 cm, while the height-adjustment function allows for a range from 73 to 124 cm so you can fit your gaming chair, ensuring maximum customizable comfort. Select the desk for you with either cyan or black edging on your full surface mouse pad.

Gaming Desk with Mouse Pad

FOURZE gaming desks employ a full surface mouse pad, giving you more freedom to roam for large movements even at low sensitivities. FOURZE mouse pads use quality materials for increased durability. Standing at a height of 4 mm this mouse pad brings comfort back to your wrists, provide a smooth surface to keeps your mouse movements fluid. Should a spill occur on your full-surface mouse pad, it can be easily removed and is durable enough for machine washing.

Gaming with More Features

FOURZE gaming desks has a built-in headset holder and discreet cable control with two accessible desk ports that connect to a cable holder for effortless wire management, leaving no excuse for messy tangles. Also includes a convenient cupholder to protect your valuables from any unexpected incidents.

Gaming Desk with an Emphasis on Durability

All FOURZE gaming tables are built from reliably strong materials. The table tops are constructed from sturdy wooden boards and carbon coated for increasing your desks lifespan. Strong steel legs and feet for reliable stability during even the most heated combat situtation.

More than just a Gaming Desk

FOURZE gaming desks are not just for gamers looking to complete their setup. Our design focused and stylish desks also improve your productivity in the office with our higher focus on ergonomic design for a higher degree of variability and utility in any productive space.