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Delivery before Christmas: Order before 21/12/21
Delivery before Christmas: Order before 21/12/21
Delivery before Christmas: Order before 21/12/21


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FOURZE gaming keyboards are designed for gamers looking for reliable, stylish, and minimalist RGB keyboard at a super sharp price. Whether you choose FOURZE RGB gaming keyboard as mechanical, semi-mechanical or with membrane keys, you get great value for your money bringing you real value.


Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Red Switch


Mechanical Compact Gaming Keyboard – Red Switch


Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Red Switch


Membrane Gaming Keyboard


Semi-mechanical Gaming Keyboard – X Switch

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Gaming Keyboards with Minimalist Design

FOURZE gaming keyboards are designed real Danish gamers combining minimalist Scandinavian design with cool RGB effects, so you can better personalize your gaming keyboard. With FOURZE gaming keyboards, you can program up to seven different RGB effects or solid colors from a color palette of 16.7 million different colors. Our frames are made of black aluminum or metal combined with durable plastic that ensures a long service life. The black background provides aesthetically pleasing contrast to your chosen RGB colors.

Mechanical gaming Keyboard

FOURZE gaming keyboards use the latest technology, so you can choose from mechanical gaming keyboards, semi-mechanical gaming keyboards or keyboards with diaphragm keys. The mechanical keyboards come either with Red switch or Blue switch mechanical keys. Ensuring you the lowest possible response time, highest precision, and optimal travel distance between the keys, which is crucial in every game. Both Red switch and Blue switch mechanical keys can take up to 20 million presses.

The primary difference between the Red switch and Blue switch, is the keyclick resistance. Red switch mechanical keys are more linear than Blue switch mechanical keys and therefore have less resistance when pressed. This means that Red switch mechanical keys have a bit faster response than the Blue switch mechanical keys, which in turn have the advantage that you more clearly detect that the key has been pressed. Blue switch mechanical keys also have a louder click sound than the Red switch mechanical keys.

Our semi-mechanical gaming keyboards use X switches, which also ensure high durability, low response time and precise pressure. Depending on the model, our keyboards come with 1.6 or 2.7-meter cables and all our keyboards are connected via USB, so they can be used on both desktop gaming computers and laptops without any problems.

Something for every taste

FOURZE gaming keyboards are designed in different sizes, so you can choose the size that suits your gaming setup or preferences. Several of our models are designed as compact gaming keyboards without unnecessary keys and wasted frame space. These models are the perfect choice if you’re struggling with the size of your gaming board or if you don’t need a num-pad keyboard.

A mechanical keyboard not only offers an in-game advantage, but often accelerates your typing speed. Due to this, mechanical keyboards are much better for longer texts than membrane keyboards. So, if you use your gaming keyboard for your studies or work, you are sure to find with space on your table for a FOURZE Gaming Keyboard.

True Value Gaming Keyboard

When you get a FOURZE gaming keyboard you experience true value for your money. Despite our many RGB features, high-quality materials, and implementation of the latest technologies, FOURZE gaming keyboards cost far below what well-known a-brands cost.